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What makes us who we are



Over the last decade, we have worked with a wide range of different businesses across the UK; they all have continuous improvement and competitive advantage at the heart of their philosophy.




Our Values based Coaching ethos extends to all our sevices. We place our Clients at the centre of our bespoke coaching, facilitating and assessment solutions.


We work on the belief that one size does not fit all - and every project we work on is totally unique. Our solutions are not off the shelf which means that your business gets the right support and help. Whether you are an individual, team or organisation we deliver competitive advantage.













    John Tattersall - Executive Coach & Facilitator  >>>


    We are always facing one challenge or another, perhaps experiencing huge change, or uncertainty? Our sense of self may be under attack leaving us feeling severely tested. Sometimes Leadership feels like a lonely place. In the fast pace of modern life, time spent with someone attentively listening to you is massively undervalued and rarely experienced. Talking out loud about what’s on your mind in the moment is powerful and restorative.


    There is something wonderful about verbalising your thinking, it uncovers blind spots, creates sparks, and provides insights.


    For the past seven years John’s ‘values and key principles’ based coaching and facilitation practice has been helping individuals and teams improve their working relationships, decision-making and ability to navigate change. John has over 30 years business culture experience, beginning his career in Commercial Financial Services where he built many relationships with business leaders across a wide spectrum of industries. “I count myself very fortunate to undertake work that I love. Coaching and Facilitating is a wonderful way to learn from people in positions of great responsibility. I’m proud to have been around when people have overcome difficult challenges, rationalised their thinking, moved themselves further towards their goals with improved outcomes.”


    “My intention is always to put you at the centre of your coaching. I work hard at building trust and place confidentiality at the top of my list of priorities.”


    “When facilitating teams increasing trust and improving process are the cornerstone of improving working relationships.”


    When John is not coaching or facilitating you can probably find him researching, and when he’s not doing that he will be enjoying life outdoors.


    Rachael Butler - Executive Coach & Facilitator >>>


    Rachael has over 15 years of corporate experience. Having started her career in marketing communications and quickly moving into leadership positions. Having worked for Vodafone, British Airways, Intermarketing Agency, Ogilvy and News Corporation, Rachael has a proven track record in managing teams and board level stakeholder management for some of the world’s leading brands. Aside from Leadership Coaching and workshop facilitation, she has expertise in business strategy, marketing strategy and developing internal employee engagement programs.


    Rachael left her corporate career in 2014 to study a Masters Degree in Coaching Psychology at the University of Sydney. Upon graduating in early 2015 she founded Scaffold Leadership Coaching. Which offers organisations both large and small access to one-on-one executive coaching, leadership training and cultural assessments. The Scaffold client base ranges from the global construction companies, legal firms, the NHS, Universities and advertising agencies across the UK.


    Rachael’s passions are running, skiing, traveling and a good bottle of red wine. She’s an active blogger and contributor to independent magazine Doncopolitan, promoting the regeneration of Doncaster’s economy. In addition to a Masters in Coaching Psychology, Rachael holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing, is Hogan Assessment certified and has ompleted an Introduction to Transactional Analysis - TA 101.




    Helen McCay - Executive Coach >>>


    Helen has over 25 years’ experience in the public, private and voluntary sector specialising in leadership and management development, one-to-one executive coaching and leadership mentoring, training delivery and team development facilitation.  She has a certificate in Executive Coaching and Leadership Mentoring, is an MBTI practitioner and has a Masters in Human Resources Management.




The Within Team



Values and Anti-values Coaching for performance and transformation. Understanding and meeting challenges to make quicker and better decisions, improve employee effectiveness, well-being and working relationships delivering outstanding competitive advantage.




Assessing your Organisation on 12 Cultural Capabilities we look beyond the hard data. Industry benchmarking of your intangible assets with our unique 3 stage interview assessments highlight areas of excellence, and provide peer-to-peer comparisions for continuous improvement and competitive advantage.




Using 6 core values and 9 ground rules facilitating how teams work together to meet their toughtest challenges. Improve their working relationships, decision making - getting better results and improving competitive advantage.